All photographs taken by Darren Young ( are copyright protected. I do not sell the copyright to my images, however, when payment is made for the photographs I produce, the buyer is granted reproduction rights. This means you can reproduce your photos in adverts, on websites or within the canine press without further payment. The restriction is that you may not sell, lend, hire or otherwise use the images for financial gain.

As I hold the copyright to these photographs I can sell, hire, lend or authorise there use on any promotional material, advertisements, posters, cards, postcards, publications or any other media related material. Images may also be sold, lent or hired to photographic libraries by us, for them to sell or hire to their clients. Images/Photographs may also be used on photo gifts available through Darren Young and

Payment of photographs denotes that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions of our copyright agreement.


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